Best Hostels In Chiang Mai: Top 8 Budget Options for 2024

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Looking for the best hostels in Chiang Mai? This comprehensive guide analyzes pricing, facilities, amenities, and locations to help you find the top options for budget travelers. Enjoy a great stay in one of these highly recommended hostels.

In the vibrant city of Chiang Mai, nestled amidst the lush landscapes of northern Thailand, a plethora of hostels await travelers. After all, who wants to stay in a hostel known for having bed bugs or where the restrooms are often clogged? That is why you should conduct research and book one of the top hostels in Chiang Mai.

This list is a wonderful alternative for both lone female travelers and budget backpackers. You may choose your ideal stay by separating the best places for parties from those with cozier feelings.

I’ve been to Chiang Mai several times throughout the years and stayed at a variety of hostels. From the cheapest online (regrets) to some of the more opulent alternatives, I consider myself to be something of an expert when it comes to the finest places to stay in this area.


To help you pick from the hundreds of alternatives available, here is my list of the best hostels in chiang mai thailand:

  • Chiang Mai Revolution.
  • Download the lullaby.
  • Around the bed.
  • Hidden Garden Inn.
  • Selfie Hostel Chiang Mai
  • Travel stamps
  • Crazy Monkey Chiang Mai.
  • Douzy House

Price legend (per night):

  • Under 350 THB
  • $$: 350-500 THB
  • $$$: Over 500 THB

If you don’t want to read the lengthy list, the following is ideal for any travel enthusiast:.

With the aid of this guide, you’ll know what to look for while reserving a hostel in Chiang Mai! Make sure you can reserve a bed with confidence, in a respectable location, and at a reasonable price. If you want to learn more about travel guides, follow our website, Future Cityscape.

Top 8 Hostels in Chiang Mai

1. Revolution Chiang Mai: Best for Party Lovers

Revolution Chiang Mai - Best Hostel in Chiang Mai

Revolution Chiang Mai is not just a hostel but a vibrant social hub for younger travelers looking to connect with like-minded individuals. With communal areas designed for socializing and playing games like beer pong, guests are sure to bond over shared experiences. The complimentary nightly meal adds an extra touch of hospitality, fostering a sense of community among guests. While there is no kitchen for cooking, the surrounding area offers plenty of dining options for guests to explore.

Despite the modest size of the dorms, Revolution Chiang Mai prioritizes comfort with quality mattresses and individual amenities like lamps and outlets. The presence of lockboxes for personal belongings adds an extra layer of security and convenience for guests. Overall, Revolution Chiang Mai strikes a balance between social atmosphere and comfort, making it a popular choice for young travelers seeking a lively hostel experience in Chiang Mai.

Revolution Chiang Mai at a Glance:

  • $
  • Enjoyable party environment.
  • Age limit: 18–35.
  • Free nightly supper.

Beds start from 299 THB.

2. Hostel Lullaby: Best for Free Activities

Hostel Lullaby - Best Hostel in Chiang Mai

This award-winning hostel provides several complimentary services, including free breakfast, free bike rentals, and free daily activities (such as Thai boxing or yoga). It’s a relaxing hostel that isn’t very sociable. There are several common locations to hang out, both indoors and outdoors. It is located in the heart of the Old City, making it quite convenient to go around.

The hostel itself is quite basic. The dorm rooms aren’t enormous, but the beds are really comfortable. Each bed comes with its own reading lamp, locker, and privacy drapes. It’s a relaxing area with plenty of freebies, providing excellent value for budget tourists. book a hostel in chiang.

Hotel Lullaby at a glance:

  • $$$
  • Female-only dorm
  • Free breakfast
  • Free daily classes (Thai boxing, yoga)

Beds start at 510 THB.

3. About a Bed: Best for Digital Nomads

About a Bed - Best Hotel in Chiang Mai

With its sleek rooms with comfortable mattresses, curtains for the pod-style beds, individual lights and plugs, and lockers, this chic, minimalist hostel offers a boutique atmosphere. The rooms have light, natural tones and an abundance of natural light, creating a quiet and pleasant ambiance. It’s more of a work-friendly hostel for introspective tourists or digital nomads. A small kitchen and pantry are provided for basic meal preparation, and free coffee and tea are served all day.

It’s also close to the centuries-old Wat Lok Moli temple and the Chang Phuak Night Market, which serves some of the greatest street cuisine in the city.

About a Bed at a glance:

  • $$
  • Pod-style beds
  • Free coffee & tea
  • Calm, quiet atmosphere

Beds start at 370 THB.

4. Hidden Garden Hostel: Best for Relaxing

Hidden Garden Hostel - Best Hotel in Chiang Mai

With stunning architecture and a basic design that incorporates a lot of exposed wood, this hostel exudes charm. The dorms are roomy and airy without seeming packed, giving it a boutique-like atmosphere. In order to ensure that you have a restful night’s sleep, the dorm beds are equipped with individual lamps, outlets, and curtains. Although it’s not a party hostel, it is a sociable one.

In addition, the hostel features a rooftop patio with views and a swimming pool for guests to unwind in. They don’t provide breakfast, but they do provide complimentary snacks all day. The showers have good pressure, and the restrooms are all kept up and tidy. Situated on the southern periphery of the Old City, this location offers convenient access to all parts of the city. book a hostel in chiang.

Hidden Garden Hostel at a glance:

  • $$
  • Beautifully designed spaces
  • Female-only dorms
  • Pool and terrace to relax and meet people

Beds start at 515 THB, and private rooms start at 1,250 THB.

5. Sylvis Hostel Chiangmai: Best for Cocktails

Sylvis Hostel Chiangmai - Top choice in Chiang Mai.

This hostel, which is directly across the street from Stamps, offers an excellent cocktail bar serving Thai cocktails crafted with ingredients from the area. It’s another lively hostel where you can easily meet people because they plan a lot of events and have plenty of common places to hang out. They may also assist you with excursion and tour bookings.

For you to still be able to obtain a good night’s sleep, they also impose a midnight quiet hour. With firm mattresses, privacy curtains, and individual lamps and outlets, the dorm beds are fairly comfortable. You also have greater privacy because the beds are designed like pods. The communal restrooms are spacious, immaculate, and have excellent water pressure.

Sylvis Hostel Chiang Mai, at a glance:

  • $$
  • Cozy pod-style dorm beds
  • Amazing cocktail bar
  • Female-only dorm

Beds start at 350 THB, and private rooms start at 1,000 THB.

6. Stamps Backpackers: Best for Socializing

Stamps Backpackers - Ideal accommodation for budget-conscious travelers.

This lively hostel is located right outside the Old City. Every night, they host events, and there’s a public bar on the premises where you may meet both residents and visitors (they offer a terrific happy hour). They provide day trips out of the city and offer a tour desk as well. I really liked that they had a chalkboard where visitors could write their itinerary.

The mattresses in the larger rooms are substantial and fairly comfy, even if the dorm beds are basic—basic bunks without curtains. There are no bunks in the smaller dorms; instead, they only contain single beds. In addition, you get your own small alcove, making it feel far more private than a typical dorm.

Note: While the smaller rooms have air conditioning, the bigger eight-person dorms only have a fan (albeit a personal one).

This is the finest hostel in the city. If you can get a room, stay here!

Stamps at a glance:

  • $$
  • It’s super easy to meet people
  • Shared activity board
  • Tour desk on-site

Beds start at 450 THB.

7. Mad Monkey Chiang Mai: Best for Parties

Mad Monkey Chiang Mai - the ultimate hotel in Chiang Mai. Unparalleled comfort, exceptional service, and unforgettable experiences.

Stay here if you want to party. It’s highly vibrant, with a variety of activities taking place every night, ranging from bar crawls to drinking games. You are given a complimentary drink upon arrival, which really sets the tone for the hostel. It’s quite simple to meet people here. On-site amenities include a saltwater pool, a bar and restaurant, and other common areas such as a gym and yoga room.

The dorm beds at most party hostels are rather modest (albeit nonetheless comfy). Each room has a locker, and most beds have privacy curtains (a rarity in party hostels). It’s also one of the city’s cheapest hostels, making it the best option for budget tourists looking to party.

Mad Monkey at a glance:

  • $
  • Lively, social atmosphere
  • Gym, pool, and yoga studio on-site
  • Free welcome drink on arrival

Beds start at 315 THB, and private rooms start at 1,591 THB.

8. Dozy House: Best for Budget Private Rooms

Dozy House: A cozy home away from home, offering comfort and relaxation.

This cozy, comfy hostel is located near the Old City (do you see a theme here?) and has a really nice proprietor who is always ready to help make your stay enjoyable. The walls are covered with vibrant paintings and art, and there are plenty of casual communal spaces where you can hang out. It’s not very sociable, but rather a calm and low-key hostel ideal for budget visitors. It is one of the cheapest hostels in the city.

Although they aren’t very large, the dorms feature AC, plugs, and lockers. The dormitory beds lack curtains and have very thin mattresses. But the private rooms here have thick mattresses and are genuinely very comfy. For those on a tight budget hoping to splurge on an inexpensive private room, this hostel is a wonderful option.

Dozy House at a glance:

  • $
  • Super affordable
  • Comfortable and spacious private rooms
  • Great location in the Old Town

Beds start at 220 THB, and private rooms start at 880 THB.

FAQs About Staying in Chiang Mai

In which area should I stay in Chiang Mai?

  • Chiang Mai Old Town: history and culture, great for walking and foodies.
  • Night Bazaar Area: Lively and budget-friendly.
  • Riverside: Upscale, peaceful, with stunning river views.
  • Nimmanhaemin: Trendy, artistic, and popular with younger travelers.
  • Santitham: Tranquil with a local vibe.

How many days in Chiang Mai are enough?

3–4 days for highlights, a week for exploring surrounding areas, and 10 days or more for a slower pace and cultural immersion.

Is Chiang Mai Old Town worth visiting?

Absolutely! It’s the heart of the city, with beautiful temples, charming streets, and a vibrant atmosphere.

Where do expats stay in Chiang Mai?

  • Nimmanhaemin: trendy and close to amenities.
  • Santitham: peaceful with a local feel.
  • Hang Dong District: Suburban lifestyle.
  • Doi Suthep area: cooler climate and stunning mountain views.

Is Chiang Mai more expensive than Bangkok?

Generally, Chiang Mai is slightly cheaper than Bangkok for accommodation and food.

What is the best area of Chiang Mai to stay in?

It depends on your priorities.

  • Walkability and culture: Chiang Mai Old Town
  • Lively atmosphere: Night Bazaar Area
  • Peace and luxury: Riverside
  • Trendy and artistic: Nimmanhaemin
  • Local experience: Santitham

What is the nicest area to live in Chiang Mai?

  • Young and social: Nimmanhaemin
  • Family-friendly: Hang Dong District
  • Nature lover: Doi Suthep area

Where do stay in Chiang Rai hostel?

Research hostels online using platforms like Hostelworld or

Where is the best in Chiang Mai?

  • Best temples: Wat Phra Doi Suthep, Wat Chiang Man
  • Best markets: Warorot Market, Sunday Walking Street
  • Best food: Night Bazaar food stalls, cooking classes
  • Best views: Doi Suthep Mountain, Elephant Nature Park

What is Chiang Mai airport called?

Chiang Mai Airport is called Chiang Mai International Airport, with the IATA code CNX.


In conclusion, the top hostels in Chiang Mai offer a diverse array of experiences, from vibrant and social to tranquil and serene. Whether you’re seeking a central location, stylish accommodations, or a peaceful retreat amidst nature, these Chiang Mai hostels promise unforgettable stays infused with warmth, hospitality, and the spirit of adventure in the enchanting city of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

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